Family Day Out with Colonel Sanders, Accidental Meet Up

Husband bought me curry Chee Cheong fun for breakfast. It’s only 11am but I feel so sleepy. B started waking up and starting her day at 545am… Which means I have to follow suit. πŸ˜ͺ

We are on the way to have brunch with my family. B’s #ootd – headband from Summerglitz, dress from Disney babies (gifted from my friend Jayne), leggings from Bumblebee, shoes from Marks & Spencer (not pictured).

My husband (flower hater) kept saying, “I strongly suggest you remove this headband”. (Sounds so business-like.) Ends up, while we were in the lift, we bumped into some acquaintances who specifically praised, “nice touch with the hair”. Ahahaha! At least husband had the decency to acknowledge that it’s the mother’s touch. πŸ˜†

Okie, we are running late and my annoying husband keeps dictating me to write whatsapp messages to my family. Either :
– he thinks I dunno how to think
– he thinks his sentence structure is far better than mine
– he thinks I’m his secretary

I’m reluctant coz his stupid dictating is always , “write abc… No!! Write bcd.. No! Did u send already? Not yet right? Ok write efg instead… Wait put Ffg instead.”

Damn annoying lo!! I just Dayre instead.

Fast dim sum lunch at Dynasty Dragon, Summit. ☺️ The bad part is there is water rationing, so they don’t serve hot Chinese tea!

I’m a lil emo too coz B did not behave well today. More like, she did not allow anyone other than myself to carry her. My mom kinda blame me that I don’t visit them often, hence B does not know them… Sigh..

Wow, today wound up being a very eventful day, haha. More on that later! Must go step by step.

After dim sum lunch, nothing much to see in Summit, so we decided to go see my sister’s new house. They moved in last weekend, but contractors are still there to do “finishing touches”. Which apparently means the entire kitchen. 😳

They packed a box of photos and left it in the bathroom. The bathroom leaked when it rained last night, so the entire living room was filled with drying-out photographs. 😜

The whole place was done so nicely! Really in awe of the interior design. Love the Eco-friendly touches, like slots in the ceiling to let in natural sunlight. Lol, sorry I don’t know what they call it.

The entire house wound up filled with dust coz of the kitchen renovation, so we didn’t stay for long. 😎

This is the staircase to their attic. It’s a 1.5 storey house, so the upstairs is more like storage space for all of my nephew’s stuff.

I asked my BIL where’s the railing. He said he don’t plan to put coz of $$!! He just wants to put a lil gate to stop his son from climbing up. πŸ˜’

You know what? I climbed up & had trouble climbing down. 😰 Looking down makes my knees turn weak, so I press myself against the wall & stepped down 1 step at a time. BIL called everyone to observe my predicament. πŸ˜’

My nephew giving B a hug. Who is being held by my sister. 😎

Husband decided to go to Empire Shopping Gallery after that coz he wanted to force me to go to the Toyota showroom opposite the mall later. 😩 He has been on my case about buying a new car since December last year!

Anyway, B was blowing raspberries all the way to the mall. Dunno where she picked that up. πŸ˜’

See, play saliva and enjoying herself.

Me feeling a mixture of fascination and disgust!

Was eating at Tong Pak Fu when…

Jeng jeng jeng…

I met @frozenyoghurt, @butterflyangel and @yuetchitan !

Actually, was @frozenyoghurt saw me ah… And recognized my husband. I knew they were planning a meet up around subang, but really didn’t expect to bump into them. Sorry couldn’t talk much to you girls! Wish I could’ve left my husband at home. 😜

Husband also was rushing me to eat faster at Tong Pak Fu coz he felt uncomfortable sitting next to 4 uncles. πŸ˜’

After we left:
πŸ‘¦: just now you said those are your high school friends?
πŸ™Š : no..
πŸ‘¦ : then?
πŸ™Š : er… Online friends
πŸ‘¦ : huh!!!! What online friends?!?
πŸ™Š : mommies group la…
πŸ‘¦ : like breastfeeding advocates network ah??
πŸ™Š : no!!
πŸ‘¦ : how come online friend you know how they look like one?
πŸ™Š : online can put photo what
πŸ‘¦ : oh like Facebook moms group lah..
πŸ™Š : ^change topic^ hey @butterflyangel say B look like you. Happy?
πŸ‘¦ : maybe she likes me. 😎
πŸ™Š : !!
πŸ‘¦ : coz I handsome..
πŸ‘¦ : you know, I look like Lam Fung..
πŸ™Š : ..
πŸ‘¦ : I notice that girls are always looking at me..
πŸ™Š : ..
πŸ‘¦ : why are you so quiet? Don’t get angry ok, I’m just kidding.
πŸ™Š : ^at least stopped asking me about online activity ady.^

My husband has been calling B “colonel Sanders” all day. Coz of the ribbon on her dress, looks like the bow tie the colonel wears. πŸ˜’ Haih, don’t ask me! He has very creative eyes sometimes. Anyway, he created this picture and sent to me. 😊

We didn’t go to the Toyota showroom in the end. Coz there was a car showcase in the mall! No Toyotas, but some other brands that we had been considering as well. Er.. If I actually do buy the car, will talk more then. 😎 Had an early dinner at Din Tai Fung.

Before we went home, I dropped by BMS Organics to get brown rice cereal recommended by @twentylittletoes. Yup, I had milled my own rice, but since I STILL don’t know whether B is eating semi-solids well or not, decided to just give her ready made til I actually see her swallow something.

The picture above is 1tbsp of brown rice powder + 3 tbsp of EBM. Very super convenient lo. And B likes it enough to “eat” about 2/3 of it. I say “eat” coz she opens her mouth wide to receive the spoon, but a lot of it drips out too! At least her mouth and neck didn’t turn red like with the Cerelac!

My husband told me to use less EBM, make it thicker, then won’t drip out. Hmmm…

Anyway, I planned to only drop by BMS for a short while, but this sales lady was so passionate about the products that I’ve now been brainwashed. I wanna go pure organic, detoxing, healthy living and what not. 😳 Starting with detoxing! Actually, my husband bought the stomach cleansing set. It tastes good, I want to get for myself too! And all the health drinks! To help me stave off hunger and to generally stop heading for mee goreng at the cafeteria. 😱

Ok, I hope after posting this, I won’t go and post doughnuts. Like last time.

I remember I said that if by 6 months I’m not pre-preggy weight, I need to start exercising again. Well… I’m not. 😭😭😭 So I’m going to start exercising, but so busy now, dunno when to find the time?? Wondering if the condo gym is open past 9pm..

I’m Editor’s Pick… Yahooooooooo!


Wah, I’m so honored to be Editor’s Pick for Dayre! 10 years of blogging and never got anything like this before. Why me? So many mommy bloggers on Dayre, I think we are seeking solace with each other..

Thank you Dayre for providing a platform for all of us to easily share our daily ups and downs!

And to think I just started using Dayre coz easier to follow @fourfeetnine’s updates! Then slowly got more & more engaged and addicted to Dayre. Love it!

Anyway, short intro about myself and some FAQ:
1) I am a FTWM, my daughter B is 6.5 months old!
2) my ambition is to be SAHM, LOL. Not coz I think it’s an easy life but coz I find looking after my B more fulfilling than any job
3) however, since I need the money, I gotta work. And might as well make the best of the situation! I think I’m good at what I do anyway
4) I complain about overloaded work coz I juggle work life and motherhood without help at home. My husband hates the idea of maids so he said we have to do without. Yes, even weekend maids!
5) erm… That’s it … **anti climax **

So after starting off as a Dayre stalker, I ended up blogging here more often. Supposed to be about B’s life, and how motherhood is for me. I have to say, all the new mommies that I follow – I really admire you all! Coz when I just gave birth, I thought I’m going crazy. Luckily Dayre wasn’t around yet that time, else will be able to read the thoughts of an insane person. Now considered tone down already. 😊

Yeah, anyway really happy with my experience thus far. When I started blogging donkey years ago, it was to find more like minded friends. Thru Dayre, easier to find, lol. And I really do take into account all the advise given to me, coz I really need all the help I can get. Gahahaha…

Anyway, today I’m super happy la. But if you know my husband, don’t tell him you read my Dayre… Hahaha…

Shameless sleeper early this morning. Coz she missed feed last night, she woke me up at 6am for milk. I kept telling myself I would go to sleep after feeding her, but kept doing everything so slowly (washing, laundry, pumping milk), that by the time I’m done, it’s already 730am!

My sister whatsapped me yesterday to tell me that her gynae told her he wants to induce her. Her due date is in 2 weeks time! Reason for inducing is same as what I got last time – not enough fluid in the water bag. My sis is damn reluctant coz she don’t want to wind up like me – on the operating table. So she said she’s going to drink more water before her final checkup so the dr cannot complain fluids low. Can work one ah? Some other mommy I met b4 said drink lots of coconut water can help. πŸ˜’

Anyway, I think no issue la. Just two weeks early only. Baby is 2.75kg. OMG! So excited to be aunt again 2nd round!

My sis darn scared to handle 2 boys! Haha. Should ask her join Dayre! 😜 many good examples!

Service tax waiver.

Spent a better part of the day trying to get the credit card company to waive off the service tax fee. This is the RM50 charge levied by the govt. My husband told me it IS doable and both his cc got the waiver. However, thus far I have failed to get it waivered for bank U* and bank H*. Both also said sorry, annual fee can consider but NOT govt service tax fee. I felt so thick-skin using the lines my husband taught me:
⚑️ “I heard bank M* will waiver.”
⚑️ “I heard bank S* will give the points to exchange for service tax waiver.”
⚑️ “I’ve been such a loyal customer, can’t u see how much I spend each month?!”
⚑️ “I would hate to be forced to cut my card.”
⚑️ “I’m gonna cut my card!!!!”

Failed, failed and failed! And still have to pay the RM50. Any of you managed to get the service tax waivered? Which bank ah, since now that I have issued threat, I have to go thru with it. 😩 So far, all my colleagues said they fail to get the waiver, only my husband seems to be the successful one.

Last pic of the night with B. I finally ran out of space on my phone. “Only 8k worth of pictures!” I lamented to my colleagues. They told me to backup, which I do – to multiple devices! But I can’t bear to delete from the camera roll coz I like to reminisce over how B has grown.

Anyway, confirmed that B is allergic to the Cerelac. Gonna post the pic after I get it from my husband. Yesterday I thought the culprit might’ve been the wet wipes I was using on her mouth. 😭

My husband scared me just now by suddenly saying…
“Ok la. I can’t keep a secret.”
Me : ???
Him : I have to tell you …
Me : ^^shit, he reads my Dayre!^^
Him : I bought you a present!!
Me : cheh, like that only!!
Him : wow, damn unappreciative!!

Hahaha, I was so relieved… ~~

Anyway, the present only arrives on Tuesday! I’m so shocked he bought it for me coz I never said I wanted it. I said, “you shouldn’t have la..” And he says that me saying that is unappreciative too. Haih~~

So, you must be wondering did my husband turn over new leaf? πŸƒ Again?

No lah. Still like that. He does his chores, he nags me to do mine, and I do all the baby stuff. Still. But coz my workload has eased up A LOT, I don’t feel so stressed. Somehow I got used to this maid labor, so I continued status quo.

Sometimes he does things that is quite touching. Like after finding the insect bite on B, he went on war with insects. He did most of the purifying & sanitizing. 😎

Haha. It’s like I got bribed by him to say all this. 😜

Tell you another weird conversation with him. He knocked out with the bb around 9pm. I wanted to bum also, but decided to starch bed sheets, do the ironing and laundry… Til around 1030pm. Then I went into the bedroom to keep my freshly folded laundry. Suddenly, my husband wakes up..

πŸ‘¦ : hoi!! Why are you packing away all your clothes?!
πŸ™… : what!! I don’t pack away then leave in the hall ah!!
πŸ‘¦ : you going where? So early?
πŸ™… : what you talking? Now already 1030pm lah!
πŸ‘¦ : oh.. I thought early early you want to runaway.
πŸ™… : ??? !!!

See, that’s what he thinks about me! πŸ™

Strawberry For Today with Insect Bites

Guess what? Today is my second attempt work from home and babysit! So far… Touch wood… It’s a slow day at work. And baby is seriously well behaved. Self entertaining. Just need to feed her and change her at the normal intervals.

Everyone seems impressed that B can STTN, but of coz there are downsides too. Which is she doesn’t nap during the day. Maybe for 2x 30 minute intervals. Sometimes less than that! So that’s why wfh + babysit is challenging on a busy work day…

She is a strawberry for today… Hahaha. Actually, I took this shot to show my hubby that B’s mouth turned red after feeding her a few mini spoons of Cerelac. It’s just rice + soya + water!!! Why got such reaction!!! 😭😱😭

B is not bothered by it though. And seriously, her insect bites are getting out of hand! Sigh.. Look like an abused girl again..

This is the back of the strawberry outfit… Cute, right? Hahaha… Actually I bought the apple suit for B and the strawberry one for my friend. But from the outlook, this onesie looks a bit weird coz it uses string to secure, which is not my preference. But after wearing it, B looks so cute, I feel like buying it again for my friend.

Yet, I feel conflicted coz my friend is the very fashionable type… After she wonders what nonsense I expect her baby to wear…

She slept for about an hour… If you’re wondering why her leg so weird position… It’s coz she was hugging my arm like a bolster. That is kind of her fav position on the bed. ❀️ She will be trying to flip / turn, but as I’m lying there, she won’t be able to. Somehow, she will just be stuck in that position and go to sleep. ❀️❀️❀️

Ok, so today’s working from home + babysitting stint didn’t go too bad. You know why??? Coz B actually took some pretty long naps. Like 60-90 minute naps. I was shivering thinking about how late she would sleep, but she was out by 9pm. She even missed a feed. 😩

Her first nap was around 1145am. So, I couldn’t even go out for lunch. Prefer to let sleeping baby lie. Ate a ramen and continued working thru lunch hour to make up for any slowness.

Managed to solve a complex outstanding issue too!

Generally, if B is not sleeping, I would put her either on the mat to exercise, or on the high chair. I gave her some small books to flip thru. Chose the hard type so she can’t tear the pages. Instead of flipping thru, she was eating the book. Oh, mama. What stupid expectations did I have?!

But of coz, sometimes she’s mad bored, I turn to the side and I see she’s just staring at me. 😰 I feel quite guilty, so I entertain her for a bit. Tell myself that in the daycare, they won’t entertain her 24/7 either. So ok la…

Then her next nap was around 345pm. I was so surprised to see her “drooping” so fast after the first nap.

By the time she woke up, my work day also almost over. πŸ˜‚ My husband was super concerned about the bites on B’s body, so he insisted to take her to the pediatrician after work. I really hate going out at night. I generally hate anything that disrupts B’s routine coz when she’s cranky, I’m the one that has to deal with it. But oh well.. I’m also worried. 😭

Baby rolling all over her mat. This is called daily exercise, hehe.

This is the kind of bored look she gives me. Usually after she has shoved all her toys off the tray and I don’t want to pick them up for her. This is her, “you don’t want to pick it up? I’m not going to beg you to” look. πŸ˜’

You might think B is lovingly reaching out for her doll…

But there you go – one violent swipe and the doll goes flying off the tray. πŸ˜’

Where does this violence come from!!!

Gone la.. Gone my plans to feed her all natural, lovingly made food.

Went to the clinic, after which we had dinner at an Italian restaurant nearby. The chef seems to love B a lot, and then he gave her this biscuit to eat. He said it will just melt in her mouth, no teeth also can eat. This B really goes and eat it! And further encouraged by her father. 😩 He some more told me the chef will be hurt if we reject it.

Anyway, B kept “eating” it. She will make a disgusted face, then eat again.

In the end, B took the biscuit and whacked it like a crazy fool against her high chair. Then threw it to the ground. I guess she treated the biscuit like how she treats her books and toys too. The chef was sad that his biscuit ended on the floor. SO SAYS MY HUSBAND.

See… B got kidnapped by the Italian chef. I dunno why she is so happy to be carried by him. Maybe coz tired of the yellow mom.. Wants to try being carried by white man. πŸ˜‚

I know my story is jumping all over the place… Just trying to update like crazy before going to sleep!

The doctor ended up saying it’s like a bed bug bite. She’s worried about it too coz it looks like it’s blistering. Actually, she doesn’t know wtf bit the baby either. 😭😭😭 so she just gave some antibiotic cream. She did say I could try putting freshly expressed BM on it, but no guarantees. Sigh…

B has two mosquito bites on right leg that is healing well with the pawpaw ointment.

She has two more bites on the right side of the face.. It also doesn’t look like mosquito bite, but it’s not blistering. It’s very red though, and you can see it in some of the pics.

And on the left leg, the giant unknown bite with blistering. 😩😩😩 Have to write all this down to “monitor” if any new shit emerges.

So sad… Why can’t these insects just bite me and leave my baby alone!!!

Trapping the Haunting Creature at Work

Baby this morning before leaving for work. She even sits beside me while I pump milk!

Well, I’m pretty late in updating today coz work was quite hectic. Endless meetings and then confronted the colleague I talked about yesterday. I told him I don’t know why he had to respond so rudely when asked to fix his own mistakes. Here’s some of his bullshit statements :
A. It is not a mistake
B. My colleague didn’t clarify properly what is the mistake (if you felt so, you should ask nicely, not respond rudely isn’t it?)

Die also don’t want to say he made a mistake! I got quite agitated at him, but finally when trapped in a corner and can’t say anything more, he just glared at me.

He’s ultra pissed coz today I also mentioned that everyone is supposed to hold the support phone on rotation, but he anyhow keeps the phone and don’t pass it following the roster. Then he ownself will be so “clever” to amend the roster. If you think he’s being hardworking to hold the support phone, ya right.

Our support phone rings once in a blue moon, and just holding it gets u RM250 a week. So I guess he wants to take more money and hold the phone forever. Some more we are not supposed to make personal calls with the phone, but he makes calls to his home country with it.

When there is production issue, he gives crap troubleshooting solution too. So why should we let him earn the money for nothing?!

So now I “broke his rice bowl”! When I brought this up, he glare again with his beady eyes.

He said that he “forgot” to pass the phone. Then I made a statement that in my previous team, if we “forgot”, the person we suppose to pass the phone to will still get the claims for the work done. If this technique is applied, you will see the “forgetfulness” suddenly vanishes.

This is the kind of face he gave me after all the confrontations.

You think I scared ah! This is the kinda troll face I showed back to him.

I dunno what the Japanese words say.. I hope it’s some bad words, hahaha!

Anyway, he’s probably going to search for something to attack me back on. Couldn’t give less of a #%^* about that ady. Today have already said all I wanna say. I have heard that he wants to transfer out of the team, so GREAT. Hope it happens faster. He’s the only one in our team that keeps saying “so busy” but has o/s work from Jan 2013!

This is my baby at daycare. Wah, so sexy the pajama top unbuttoned. My colleague told me I always anyhow dump all the babies clothes + adult clothes together to wash, no wonder the clothes all spoil. I don’t really have time to wash it separately… I think it’s such a waste to wash less than a full load. Haih, I’m lazy la.

So far, I notice the Anakku pajama buttons are the ones that fall out… But otherwise, nothing too horrible! And usually by the time it falls out, B has outgrown the top!

Husband and I are freaking out over this on B’s leg. Have no idea what it is! Looks like an insect / mosquito bite, but it’s HUGE. Husband said maybe bed bug. So we spent the evening spraying the bed and changing sheets. Then sanitize all other surfaces as well.

Phew, tiring.

See this baby so heroic.. After learn to sit up by herself, she wants to show her “no hands, ma” tricks. Actually, she is not super steady. She still can face-plant if she gets tired…

Am now sitting with her after fetching her back from daycare. Today I left super early to avoid the basement jam, lol. Was home by 615pm!

After feeding her and reading story to her, pumping milk, we even walked out to buy dinner.

If only everyday is like this!

And I let my tummy do the shopping.. Loads of ice cream, chips and sugary drinks. And to make myself feel better, I bought the seedless black grapes recommended by @mikeannz , hehehe!!

Haunting Creature At Work

It was so so so difficult to make the decision to send B to daycare today. 😭

I already miss her so much. Why do I still have work? Oh yeah, coz I still get salary. 😭

To make myself feel better, I shop. And then it makes me need even more money to pay for shopping. And then take on more projects to earn my keep, which takes me away from B.

Oh…. Vicious cycle. Everyday keep praying that husband becomes super rich so I can become tai tai… πŸ˜‚

Haih, just spent my entire lunch hour doing banking stuff. Printed my EPF statements at the smart kiosk. Got new internet banking security device. Got new ATM card. All takes almost an hour! What to do, lunch time only one customer service counter open, but lunch time is the only time I’m free. Unless I take leave just to do this WHICH I WON’T. Or “snake” out of the office la, lol.

Rushing to wolf down lunch so I can continue work back home. Getting very agitated at my colleague who ask me to review his work, but his work is so “half past six” that reviewing it gives me high blood pressure. Some more I gave him chance and asked him to double check ONE LAST TIME before giving me review again. He said all in order and I still see mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really wish not to review his work any more. And I have to review super carefully coz if anything goes wrong, he always blames everyone else but not himself…. Super cunning stupid cow. Confront him how many times also don’t learn.

This is #whatieatwheniwfh – I always try to go somewhere different. I’m not like my nutty husband who can eat the same thing everyday. I must always try something different. I think one mommy mention to me before – this shows the husband is loyal, lol.

Anyway, today was lunch at Secret Recipe. Their green tea frappe is quite similar to the Starbucks one, so I’m quite happy with it. And the free crackers are quite yum too….

Of coz I didn’t only have a drink and crackers… Here’s my tom yum goong noodle. Super spicy!!

Looks like it’s very filling, right?

I don’t know why, but by dinner time, I was super hungry like a wolf. I had a good brekkie, good lunch, yet you know what I ate for dinner? Brace yourselves…
– 1 regular pizza !!!!!!!!!!
– 1 garlic bread (as in, the whole loaf)
– 3 smoke deli wings

Even my husband couldn’t finish the same amount of food as me la… You know what? After eating all that I don’t even full TOO full or bloated like what you’d expect.

Really need to find a way to exercise more. Currently, when I’m in the office I take the stairs! From basement parking to my office is 7 flights of stairs. I climb about 28 flights of stairs a day (including for lunch)… So I hope that helps. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But not consistent la, sometimes I will be lazy and take the lift. Climbing stairs makes me wonder why there are pple who would take the lift for one bloody flight of stairs. They don’t look like they have a broken limb. They aren’t carrying a ton of bricks. Wtf! Really agitates me, especially when one is in a rush. So instead of getting agitated, I end up taking the stairs la…

Ok, work today really made my blood pressure go up few notches. That colleague I talked about was asked to fix a problem and he replied my other colleague (W) so damn rudely. And she ask him on issue X, he goes and talk about issue XYZ, wtf! I got so pissed off I shot back an email. He really pissed me off today. Argh, I wrote a long rant about how this creature has been haunting my team, and my phone crashed. Even my phone can’t stand him, wtf. The phone also don’t want me to waste time detailing all his lying, cheating, lazy, stupid, cunning, devious misdemeanors.

Talk about my girl instead … Hehe. I really ❀️ the high chair I got from ikea. Came back from daycare and had to do some office work. At first, I tried to put her on my lap and type. This feller reach out and started slamming her open palms on my keyboard. 😠 The more I admonish her, the happier she got. So, I took the high chair into my “office” and put her next to me. She just sit quietly and observe me, occasionally slamming on her tray instead. Good girl! When hubby and I had our pizza dinner, she also able to sit at the high chair and “join us”. She’s also at “that” phase of dropping her toys on the floor, and then shouting at us to pick it up. 😀

All in all, she was pretty well behaved la. Past few days able to read storybooks to her as well. Actually, I also enjoyed reading them, haha. Especially 101 Dalmations, coz I never knew what it is about. I always thought it was about one mother dog give birth to 101 Dalmations… World’s most torturous labor, I guess!!

The other day, someone said that it’s “jinx” to talk about what features you want the baby to have. Actually, I also had the same chat with my husband when B was still in the womb. I wanted B to have big eyes like my husband, my nose (husband got big nose, so mine is better, lol) and we were undecided on the mouth. In the end, everyone except my own family members say B looks like me. I think is mainly coz of the eyes la. Everyone judges based on the eyes!

I think it’s hard to judge on noses coz all bb’s nose a bit flattish one right? Coz it helps them to BF? When pple say the bb has high nose bridge, I also dunno how to see coz I dunno where is the nose bridge.

Anyway, during the 3D scan, one scan showed as if B has a huge honker like Jackie Chan. Seriously! When my MIL saw it, she kept saying “Jackie Chan nose… Jackie Chan nose”. 😭😱😭😱😭 Then when she saw I was not so excited about a bb girl with Jackie Chan nose, she said those with big noses have good fortune. πŸ˜’

Finally, me and husband feel that B’s mouth don’t look like either of ours, but we think her mouth very cute (as with every single one of her features..!), especially when she makes the face like in the pic above.

So now my husband trying to lay claim that B’s mouth looks like his one la. Then he will make his mouth like B’s expression above… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The other day, we happened to talk about future kids. When suddenly my husband said .. He actually felt a lot of pain for me that I had to go for c-section. He said he don’t want me go thru that again, and would I be ok if B is our only child. !!!! 😱😭😱😭😱😭

I didn’t know he felt that way, coz of the way he treated me after the operation. πŸ˜’ he treat me like I didn’t go for any op at all and kept saying, “you can one la”, and “you are strong one la” to make me do things as normal. πŸ˜’

Anyway, that’s a separate story, but I don’t doubt his sincerity. Coz his eyes a bit red when he suddenly said this…

Her new fav sleeping position – anything to give LESS space to mommy and daddy! πŸ˜’

Obviously somebody is not ready for bedtime…


This lil princess started shouting at 530am. πŸ˜’ usually if she wakes up too early (as deemed by moi), I will just change her diaper and go back to sleep. Usually she will sleep much longer. Today she slept another 20 minutes then started shouting again. Shouting damn loudly. Ok, since it’s 6am ady, that’s my min start time, so started preparing her milk and all.

What I don’t understand is how my husband can sleep thru all the shouts! He is the one who insist that we must start leaving for work earlier and even set his alarm (loud enough to challenge B’s shouts) soooo early. But cannot wake up at all! So annoying!

Anyway, the lil girl is also getting naughtier … Keeps on pulling my hair, slapping my face… Don’t know why she don’t do it to my husband. My theory is his face looks dirty, so she dares not touch it.

Even when bathing B, she loves to slap against the water and make water splash everywhere. At first I thought she will stop it when water gets into her eyes. But she likes creating a splash (literally) more than being bothered about water droplets on her face.

Now when bathing her, definitely will get wet one! Last time with my ninja skills, could bathe her even when I’m fully dressed to go out ady. 😜

Ok, here’s the “Archimedes in the water” song I always sing to B.. She always laughs at the “eureka!” part. Erm.. I’m not a very good singer, hehe!

The full lyrics for anyone interested (I posted it before) :
🎢Archimedes in the water, see the water level rise ;
Archimedes forgot his clothes, coz he’s thinking all the time;
He said “eureka!”
As he’s running down the street;
He said “eureka!”
But Archimedes forgot his sheet! 🎢

**replace Archimedes with own baby’s name**

B’s mischievous look at daycare during drop off…

#%**^>~€$ … Stuck in the basement for ten minutes and counting! I left at 550pm and I still can’t beat the jam! Wtf!

What’s wrong with this area?!?

Forever cheerful baby. 😊

She loves to take selca.. Lol.

I loaned her some of my hair.. Lol. See how she will look like with long hair. Don’t think it’s a good look. 😜

^^truth be told, she was pulling my hair la…^^

Unassisted Sitting @ 6.5 mths, Church Cafe

Good morning! On the way to church now, super late! Woke up at 7 but only manage to leave the house 2 hours later. Where does the time go?!

#ootd – socks and skirt from Mothercare, panda beanie from Summerglitz, squirrel top with crochet rose from Baby Poney.

Was actually planning to let her wear her baby jeans but hubby said it’s too tight for her. 😰 Think she only wore it once! What a shame.

My parents bought this coffee for me while they were on a cruise. Super love it! Got a rich coffee yet chocolatey taste. 😊

B yesterday… Hubby just sent this collage to me. He said she’s like a Korean pop star, ha!

Peppery pig stomach and fish maw soup at the church cafe. Usually, we will have lunch at the church cafe before heading home. The food is cheap (think : RM1 for a packet of nasi lemak!) and any profit goes back to the church anyway. Food is made by church members, some are bought from stores outside. Church members are darn good chefs! This uncle who is the “soup man” always makes awesome double-boiled soup!

Husband feeding more pumpkin purΓ©e to B. Another reason I don’t like using the bottled purΓ©e is that B really can’t eat that much, but husband will try and force that much into her coz once the bottle is open, you have to finish all within 48 hrs. Then he re-heated the entire glass bottle, and once reheated cannot keep reheating ma. So of coz there’s a lot of wastage. Which all went into my husband’s stomach.

Of coz, it’s more convenient and I don’t feel so heartache that I spend a lot of time purΓ©e-ing and B just pushes everything out of her mouth..

Just woke up from a glorious 2 hour nap with the baby. πŸ‘ Feel so awesome when I manage to do everything in time to sleep with B. Sometimes can’t sleep with her coz have to pump milk and do other chores. Must cherish these small victories!

B’s second #ootd, and second selca with me, LOL. She was so cheerful in the bed with me before nap time.

Wearing “I love you mommy and daddy” onesie from Mothercare (gift from my sis) and happy fruit leggings from Bundle of Joy (FOS).

So happy.

So smiley til eyes becomes so small.. Hehe..

6.5 months finally sitting unassisted with straight back (but not endlessly la)… 😒 Oh my bb is growing up…


On my way to my brother’s graduation. Wearing a dress that my husband bought for me two years back!! 😊 Finally thin enough to wear again. And using the “fake” 3CE lip crayon. The color very vibrant la, that even the color shows up well on my front facing cam… (Trust me, my camera super grainy).

Every time I take a selfie, that annoying voice on Hitz.FM plays in the back of my head… “But first… Let me take a selfie…”

Yeah, listening to the radio when driving again. B doesn’t fuss ady

B’s outfit today is actually very cute, but can’t get a good picture when she’s tucked in the car seat.

Very rushed today, traffic is bad. Maybe thousands pple graduating today …

This is the “after” of packing away B’s things into ikea storage boxes. Yeah, it’s not something that’s going onto Pinterest. πŸ˜‚

Basically I just packed her stuff categorically into different boxes la. Headwear one box. Onesies one box… Blablabla. It’s neater so that my husband won’t complain. Once it’s NEATER already, then only think about decorating la!

Not much I can do with the room also coz original design is my FIL’s room. All the furniture super serious one.

And this is how I keep clothes that B can’t fit into YET. Those that she outgrew, I packed and stored away nicely. This pile grows endlessly coz I keep buying new stuff!

Bought this super nice storage box to keep the clothes, but couldn’t fit it into the cupboard. πŸ˜‚ I anyhow stuff it in. As long as out of husband’s sight.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I’m here today… (Actually in the hall already). Was catching up with parents and grandma!

Bumped into my sis’s friend (a lecturer), VS.

VS: LC, congratulations!
Me : I’m not graduating today wor VS! *confused*
VS: No, I mean…
Me : oh, you mean my brother graduating? Hehe, thanks ..
VS : .. Congrats on your baby la.

Hahaha.. So long since I gave birth la, don’t expect still get congratulatory message.

Teaching my mom and grandma on how to take a wefie. Hahaha…

The lecturer giving a speech now is so long winded. I’m just looking forward to this..

Finally my brother got his cert. I don’t know what order they arranged the students. Seems random. We were tense waiting for his name to be called out, lol.

I’m so evil, I told my parents, “during my graduation ceremony you all no need wait so long for my name to be called out. As I got 1st class hon, we received the certs first.”

They just gave me a layan-ing smile. πŸ˜’

My sister asked me : Imagine next time you’re going to B’s graduation! What will you wear?

What kinda question is this?!

See? Really like a wedding dinner. The bread rolls were served to “line the stomach” as they refused to serve food til all the group pictures were taken. There were 263 graduates today + more guests of honor + VIP (like Datin Seri Susan Cheah) + lecturers… You can imagine that it wasn’t exactly a fast session.

I ate 4 bread rolls + 3 mini butter …..!!!! I was so hungry coz I missed dinner yesterday and I skipped breakfast coz worried I would be late for the ceremony!

The food came in humongous portions, really can’t eat finish. Plus, our table only had 9pax, and 3 of the other guests went out for the photography session. There was some confusion when the graduates were requested to return gown before 2pm. By the time this was announced, it was 130pm. Those who paid for photo session were rushing to take the photos before 2pm so they could return it.

So the 3 guests in our table rushed out. My bro said he don’t care about time stipulation, he not going to line up and miss the food. Then my sister went out and asked the photographers why so stupid timings? The photographer said the announcement was actually for graduates that did NOT purchase the photo package, then only need to return gown before 2pm. Zzzzz… So luckily we weren’t kiasu…

This was actually the best dish – sago ice cream on black glutinous rice. Super yum!

After that, we were worried the glutinous rice would stick to our teeth and have all kinds of funny black marks.

My mom was so snide. She said, “who ask you to smile til show teeth? If don’t show teeth then no worries la.” Wtf! Later, just before the photo session, I caught her rinsing her mouth and analyzing her teeth in the mirror. πŸ˜’

2 ACCA graduates and an IT grad. Seeing the ACCA crowd made me wonder how well or how badly I would’ve done if I took this route instead. I didn’t want to take ACCA coz I wanted to step out of the shadows of my sister. I was always being compared to her, so I always wanted to be different from her. She took arts stream, I took science. She did ACCA, I did IT. She has a baby boy, I must have baby girl. Lol!! Just kidding, la!

Meanwhile, baby B was in my in-laws house..

They always tell me that B behaves differently when I’m around. I ask how is she when I’m not around? Naughty? They said no, she is good gal. 😱 Means when I’m around she’s a bad gal? Hahaha.. I do notice she screams a lot when I’m around. And more manja…

B’s tiger bum #ootd

Husband giving B some Heinz pumpkin purΓ©e.. I totally disagreed with him giving bottled baby food but he went ahead anyway. I am so pissed. After all my efforts!

And he claims that B loves the Heinz stuff so he’s gonna buy more. 😠😑😠😑

Work Woes & Family Day Out To Ikea & IPC

This morning…

Things change in a blink of an eye. I was in concalls at 1245am, 230am, 4am… How to sleep? In fact I drank a coffee to stay awake. 4am the issue was fixed but they didn’t have anyone to run the files that were wrong yesterday. It’s so unfair that the onus is on our impacted service and others who cause the problem are sleeping!

I was shouting at 5am! Everyone was shouting! In the end they said next checkpoint at 1045am. Recovery after our 10am is more difficult, just the way the system is ok.

Well, then what happened is I couldn’t sleep, and when I did, I had dreams that the guy who they didn’t manage to contact to fix before 10am suddenly could be contacted. I awoke from the dream and checked… Indeed he was online! I hurriedly asked him to do the fixes.. Together we manage to complete by 930am! Then at 10am the BAU process ran and completed correctly (meaning root cause is fixed).

So now I’m going out shopping wtf.

You might think I should rest and sleep, but in fact I can’t sleep. Too much coffee!! And I took RL for things I wanted to get done, so die die also must be done today ok!!!

My lack of sleep is apparent with the way I dress my daughter today.
#ootd : baby Gap onesie, H&M sweatpants, socks from marks & spencer.

Was a fun shopping day at IKEA, Curve and IPC! Update later, I’m mad tired now and I still have a shopping cart of things to unload, plus need to pump milk! Hopefully B behaves well so that we can both nap!! 😩

She was a bit cranky coz she didn’t have long morning / mid noon naps… Anyway will share with you all the nonsense that happened today…

Lunch at Sakae Sushi coz we were early and most restaurants only open slightly before 12. Got conned by Sakae coz they let us in but said any item not on conveyer belt needs to wait for the kitchen to open. Which is also slightly before 12. Zzzz.

It’s really not my top choice of dining place coz it’s very cramped. B is so at risk of having hot ramen poured onto her. Even the space between the table and seat is so narrow that I couldn’t feed B comfortably. Ugh.

Hahaha! Some of the guys here might be a decade younger than me! But it’s interesting to see la… There’s miss universe and miss world, at least give us mr bachelor wtf.

If my husband asks, I got cover line some more…

“I bought it for the free pouch.”

B was mad sleepy at Ikea but didn’t sleep. Just too many things for her to look at! So my main reason for going there was to buy the baby high chair and storage boxes to organize her room. I succeeded in getting everything I wanted.

Will show the before and after of reorganizing her room! I’m actually mad tired now (though I managed a 2hr nap with B!), but I have stuff to do. But worried if I keep doing other things, I will end up not able to wake up early for bro’s graduation tomorrow!!

Surprised B with yet another toy in ikea. Yes, yes, I’m the toy-tease mom which always dangles toys in front of her but never buys any. She really liked this broccoli soft toy til her dad really wanna buy it for her. But we couldn’t find where the “clean” toy is.. This was on display in one of the room arrangements..

“Really for me ah? Really? Really? This is why I ❀️ you so much mommy.”

There was also a baby fair happening in Curve. Quite good for new mommies or mommies to be! Lots of starter / newborn stuff! I bought more clothes for B and my husband bought this gated playpen thingy for her. To stop B from rolling off the Korean mat and onto the floorboards. Ok la, but it’s taking up a giant amount of space in our living room now… 😒

The area not so nice to shop coz got a lot of credit card sales kiosks there! For sure you’ll be harassed to sign up to Citibank, Uob, etcetc.

Everywhere we went, we heard pple (women mostly) saying how “cute” is my baby. I’m not being an over sensitive / proud mom.. Was wondering why is my daughter so eye catching today? I didn’t wear her special headbands and her clothes today darn mismatched.

Then I saw la…

In the pram my daughter had her legs lifted high!! Like what you see in this picture. Or it will look like she’s doing splits. Wtf! All other babies are sitting demurely in their prams. Only B doing weird gymnastics.

Back home, hubby installed the high chair for B. It’s only RM39.90 from ikea, good enough. It’s what she uses at daycare anyway.

B is super happy with it, now during meal times she can “join” us and not have one of us carrying her. That’s the hope, not the reality btw.

Trapped in her playpen now. This one installed by me! Hehe! Not very convenient, I’m still divided over whether I like it or not. But my husband keeps saying its a great buy..

Bought this today too… Interesting synopsis about child psychology and nature vs nurture. Really intriguing. Yeah, I judge books by the BACK cover.

Shameful before pic of how I’ve been storing my baby’s things. That plastic container really hit new highs of messiness today. It contains not only clothes but also all bedding, towelling, bibs and such. Mess!

Why I Need To Drop B Off At Daycare When I Work From Home

Today, I’m really tired from yesterday – the office work, the long traffic, the everything. I decided not to send B to daycare since I’m working from home…

Wish me luck!!

Hubby (sticky feller) at first wanted to accompany me, but decided against it in the end. B woke up at 6am for her first feed. Hope work doesn’t spring any surprises, I should be free-er otherwise. 😊 only a con-call at 11am, which I hope B will nap through.

Wow, that was not a good idea at all.

This picture is deceiving. The only happy one is B. But I’m wondering does she really like hanging out with me this much? I can’t even entertain her properly as today’s work problems is even worse than yesterday. FOL.

This project sucks so much.

Anyway, between work and B, who gets neglected? The answer is .. ME. I haven’t had lunch or water. Just drank 2-3 cups of coffee. For lunch I ate 5 Ferraro Rocher coz it was within reach.

And B is extra sticky… Feel so bad for her.

At least if B is in daycare, she can play with her friends. At home is the same toys, and most of the time I’m carrying her as I want to keep her quiet when I’m firefighting in conference calls.

I only comfort myself by saying at least when she’s home, she can sleep on her own bed.

Managed to read one miserable book to her. During my supposed lunch hour.

Haih.. I’m so sorry baby!!

Ok. Off topic. Gonna have to work late tonight, sorry no time reply all your nice messages… Yet!

See what I got in my inbox.. Like, my personal inbox…. I don’t even know what is this regarding, and I don’t know anyone with that name. Is this some virus spam or what?

What cock am I talking? In regards to what? Lol.
If get anon hate comments, at least let pple know what the hate is referring to…

So purposeless otherwise…

Ok, so I have to be in a conference call at 1245am, FML. But if everything can be resolved and I have my weekend, I can still tolerate this bullshit I guess.

So update on how wfh + taking care of B went…

Well, on the upside, everything before 10am went very well indeed. My work was going smooth, and I was running test + taking care of B. Here, it’s after her bath and mid morning nap. She look a bit grumpy, just want to stick to me. Can you believe I can still do work with her on my lap?!

The honest truth is that as long as she is near me, she can sit quietly for extended periods. Occasionally she might scream, then I’ll just walk around a bit, and she calms down after that.

Yeah yeah, I know you love me soooooo much, B!

I tried putting her on the mat by herself, but she keeps crying. Is magic that I even managed to shower and pee. Though I just realised whole day I only go toilet two times. TMI?

I put her into the Bumbo, put the tray and a selection of toys for her. Thought would keep her entertained long time. Bumbo was of coz placed near my own chair for B’s security (she needs to smell me mah… Hehe!).

Who knows. She just swipes her toys off the tray one by one. When she had scattered everything, she keep banging the tray til it fell apart too (blame me, dunno how to put it on properly). Then, she cried til…

I put her into the Bumbo, put the tray and a selection of toys for her. Thought would keep her entertained long time. Bumbo was of coz placed near my own chair for B’s security (she needs to smell me mah… Hehe!).

Who knows. She just swipes her toys off the tray one by one. When she had scattered everything, she keep banging the tray til it fell apart too (blame me, dunno how to put it on properly). Then, she cried til…

Ok B, please try to play by yourself, k? K? K?!?!?

Surrounded her with all her toys. The yellow football from the aunt in Germany. Free from Esprit with the Esprit dress she bought for B!

Could accompany B for a bit only, my mind really distracted by all the work problems. The issue is not at my end, and I don’t know how to help the other party find what’s the problem. So all I can do is keep updated and cascade the info down to my business users. The feeling is helpless, useless & abused!

This pic is a bit grainier coz she’s on the mat while I’m doing work. Occasionally spy on her and see what she’s doing. So have to zoom a bit to snap her pic.

She was ok in the afternoon to play by herself for a short while, but if she caught sight of me, she would whine and whine til I carried her.

So I felt so evil trying to hide from her….

Then she rolled and rolled til she roll off the mat onto the wooden floor area. Then cried like she’s on fire.

Ok, so carry again la..

Distracted her again by giving her her koala rattle. She ah.. Really short attention span.

Oh, I didn’t detail her feeding sessions coz all went very smoothly today! Drank all feeds at 2.5 hr intervals and finished 5oz each feed. Very timely and accurate baby, haha.

This is the kind of face when she spots me lah. She will just give up whatever she was holding (koala rattle in this case) and start having a pitiful look to make me carry her.

And yes la, I will be suckered to carrying her…!!

Yet another attempt in the Bumbo. No tray, no toys. Surprisingly kept her quiet for 30 minutes. Coz she kept looking for ways to escape! But her “escape plan” was mainly tugging on the strap (tough luck, baby!) and slapping the sides of the Bumbo. Damn fail plan, miss B!

After 30 minutes she started her loud shouts , so she joined me on the umpteenth conference call of the day. 😭😭😭 More hair pulling, glasses snatching ensues.

Husband came home late coz went shopping in KLCC. He did pack dinner for me. But as usual, he always does one “thoughtful” thing and then spoils it by doing some shit thing. Like after getting me food from Bens, he nagged me to do house chores! Crazy right? When he knew all about the work production problems I’m having too. I’m also aghasted how I spent so long taking care or B and working, and he still can’t watch her for longer than the time I require to eat my dinner.

Ok, think I’ve sufficiently documented how my working from home + taking care of baby with no help went. Anyone who ever suggests why I need to drop B off at daycare when I’m working from home will be directed here!!

Yeah, my work is not this busy everyday, but one never knows!

And if you think I feel guilty for not giving 100% at work, I do feel guilty. But then I realise the company doesn’t feel guilty about us working all this (unpaid) overtime and night jobs too. So …. Contra off la.

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