How Raya Was Spent

Public holidays are a God-send for me, especially when I have only 5 days of annual leave left and I plan to use them AFTER I’ve given birth. Already pooled together my block leave (mandatory to be taken, 10 days in total) to be used right after the 2 months maternity leave. Working at this place only gives me 21 days of annual leave, unlike my old workplace (fondly known as company XYZ) that gave me 27 days of annual leave. The longer you work there, the more annual leaves you accumulate. The good thing about new company is that we get replacement leaves for work done during the weekends (rollouts) which is pretty nice. And the whole work-from-home thing (REALLY nice). Anyway, it had been a dry period of public holidays for quite a bit, and when August rolled around, I was salivating. Too bad National Day falls on a Saturday…

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends! No one invited me for rendang daging, sambal udang, ketupat, kari ayam and the like. Maybe it’s for the best anyway since I’m banned from all spicy food. Plus, I know that my closest Malay friends are all pretty busy this year. Some planning to get married, some alwaysssss balik kampung anyway… so, I did all my boring baby preparations these past two days.

Thursday – went to my in-laws house to move all the stuff over to their place. Before that, we stopped for lunch at my fav pan mee store in Subang. The one and only JoJo’s Little Kitchen! I really like the place, but somehow without being able to pile on the dried chilli (no spicy food, remember?), the food seems really really sweet. This is my husband’s pet peeve with this place, which is why he doesn’t like to accompany me there. However, since I’m preggy, he has to acquiesce to my wishes. *evil laughter* Seriously, I think the sweetness + spiciness is balanced out IF you can take the dried chilli. Didn’t dare to risk my heartburn, so yeah, have to agree with him. Still, I like the lou pan of this place. He is a nice guy and he said his wife also gave birth recently. Gave some tips to WALK MORE if I want an easy labor. He said during the third trimester, he took his wife shopping EVERYWHERE to make her walk “few hours a day”. Wahliau! In the 3rd trimester, all I feel like doing is hibernate like a bear…

Told my husband that we should not be “liong sor chiu” (go empty-handed) to my in-laws house, so we stopped by RT Pastry to pick up some snacks for them. This place is never lacking in business — all other cake houses on the same row see maybe 1 or 2 patrons, but RT Pastry is packed and you get a lot of bitchy looks from all the people fighting for their share of the organic goodies. I really wish I can take my time to browse, but the line for payment never gets shorter and people keep pushing in …. so I only grabbed the classic must-trys. Which for me, are the carrot walnut cake and the European cheese cake. Saw they have mooncakes as well, so tried the interestingly named Fukuda sweet potato one. Which turned out to be awesome. So if you go to RT Pastry, you must try that ok? I think is a great alternative to the yam mooncakes that I like (but which most hotels don’t sell!).

Wound up staying at my MIL’s place for more than a 5 hours because my husband wound up screwing around with the media box and having to fix the firmware. I was soooooo sleepy, but feel awkward to sleep in the “confinement room” that they have prepared for me. I feel really touched that my in-laws have prepared soooooo much in anticipation of Princess B. She has this giant refurbished wooden cot, with really clean mattress, lots of bedsheets, pillow cases and bolsters… a playpen, nappies, … darn a lot of things. After I shifted over more clothes and some of my stuff, I still have a lot of outstanding items to buy. Need to buy diapers (my husband only insists on Mamypoko, due to the aunties in the office advising him), more milk bottles and need to shift all my CLOTHES to the house as well! As I’m typing this, my hubby just reported that my in-laws JUST went shopping again and bought more DOM stuff, more sheets and napkin liners, etc for me and the Princess. “Touched” doesn’t even begin to explain it… just feel so blessed that I married into such a wonderful family. *tears*

Went to One Utama today to stock up on “Effective Herbs” for confinement period, but my in-laws end up saying DON’T BUY ANYTHING coz they plan to get their stock from Klang instead. I really like this Effective Herbs place, coz I can stock up on all the things to make tong sui. I really love even making simple drinks like lo hon ko with dried longan.. my husband usually just drinks one cup and I have the rest of the pot to myself, muwahahha! And then he will scold me for always drinking sugared water only. -___-

The One U shopping trip was mainly for the herbs, and since we didn’t really need it anymore, we shopped for…. ourselves! Husband bought lots of stuff for himself and got a free Renoma waterproof duffel bag, and I bought more things for Baby B. You know what, getting quite annoyed at sales staff that are not aware of promotions going on for their own brand! For the Renoma one, my husband had to buy over RM100 worth of Renoma stuff to get the duffel bag. At the cashier, before paying, we asked, “There’s a free bag with these purchases right?” and the lady said yes. After ringing up all the items, we saw that she didn’t pack in the waterproof duffel bag, so I had to voice out “Er… where’s the free bag?” And she said, “WHAT FREE BAG?” OMG!!! Just 1 minute ago you said there is one???!?! Then BOTH the cashiers were blur about the promotion. I was about to take the standee and wave it at their faces when thankfully another promoter walked by and heard us and she said she will give us the free bag. -___- Eh, the free bag worth RM69 le, who don’t want.

Bought more booties and mittens for Baby B and got her TWO new onesies from Pumpkin Patch. ORANGE color… no discount, but if you have HSBC card, you can get 10% off. Sigh, nowadays I realised I became more kiasu looking for discount here and there. Anyway, I’ve been on a lookout for onesies which are long-sleeved and long-pantsed, but quite hard to find la! Usually they have short-sleeved onesies or sleeveless onesies. I think they have some in Mothercare, but only in a few designs (which I already bought all.. or have been given all.. :P). Somehow, I was a bit nervous that the Mothercare one would be too big for Baby B, so I bought the Pumpkin Patch one as well. That, together with a green dino onesie my SIL gave me and the Mothercare ones are the only onesies I will be taking with me to the hospital. πŸ™‚ In fact, I feel like I will be overpacking.


My condition is really “lazy hibernating” mode at the moment. I don’t feel like I need to eat dinner because my stomach is smaller (I THINK!!) due to the baby. We are advised to eat more small meals than the standard 3 meals a day. However, since I accompany my hubby, I usually do still eat 3 meals a day. During the holiday period, really couldn’t stand it anymore and I have been skipping dinner. Heartburn came yesterday because I skipped dinner and I drank a POWER cocktail from Juice Works. I don’t know whatttttt fruit was inside the juice because the acid was so bad that I actually vomitted out a bit of it. Actually, my symptom is more of acid reflux than heartburn, so I better start referring it correctly. I wanted my husband to go out and get me Gaviscon, but he is soooooo worried of medication affecting the baby that he told me to weather it out. *WANT TO CRY* I couldn’t sleep til about 1:30am, and I suspect that I only managed to because of exhaustion, not because I was cured of the reflux.

Next morning (Saturday), had a dimsum lunch with my parents & sister & BIL. Went to Oriental Pavilion in J33… no pictures because have eaten there so many times already. πŸ˜› I think the only way to get people to stop taking pictures of food are to just make the restaurant no longer a novelty. It was great catching up with them, and they said that I look like I’m going to pop anytime soon. Come on!! My sister looked way bigger at 35 weeks. Got to ask them about other weird doubts that I have in my head about the process of giving birth. Like wtf do I do when the contractions start? Where do I go?

One thing my sis mentioned was whether I joined the breastfeeding advocates network on Facebook. I said no, because I don’t think that I would be “encouraged” by any of their statements if I had any trouble. Milk either comes or don’t come. How many times can I read about “keep trying, IN MY CASE, AFTER TWO WEEKS, I SUDDENLY BLOSSOMED AND NOW MY FRIDGE IS FULL OF MILK!!” I don’t know, I don’t find that encouraging. It will make me paranoid and annoyed. My sister said that the founder is a nice person though, and even came to her house to help her with breastfeeding. Just to check whether the latching was correct or not. Anyway, not to offend people who are part of the network (my own friends, ex-colleagues, etc, are allllll part of this network), just that I don’t think it is for me la!

Still really glad & thankful that I have energy (though it comes and goes) to walk around and get things done. Today was a good day, so I completed a lot of house chores — all the bed sheet washing, laundry, ironing, cooking. As always, the ironing is ALLLLLL my hubby’s clothes because I rarely iron my own stuff. Sure, maybe a cardigan here or there, but in the first place, I always wear stuff that er…. doesn’t need to be ironed. πŸ˜› Actually, I’m trying to level-up my housewife mode and trying to iron bedsheets as well. A “helpful” Google search on how to iron bedsheets usually have people screaming “Why would you even want to do that??!!” The next most helpful one was a suggestion to use the dining table, which I really do not want to. As to why I want to iron it, it’s because my husband has been pampered with starched & ironed bedsheets from young, so I would like to give him that as well. At the moment, I just try to fold the sheets straight out from the dryer so that it is not-that-crumpled. Talking about dryers, if you used them… you could consider throwing in a Bounce dryer sheet. It makes everything smell so amazing!

And…. finally updating my cooking diary here instead of just sharing on Twitter. This is what I made for dinner & dessert today“` πŸ™‚





The butter chicken is a modified recipe from here, and it is at 90% of my husband’s satisfaction level, lol. Osmanthus jelly is a recipe from here, and is indeed a very refreshing jelly recipe. You can get osmanthus flowers from Effective Herbs (1U), but it is pretty pricey! RM20 for 50g only, but you only need 2-3 tsp for 1 liter water + jelly + sugar. I’ve seen osmanthus jelly for sale in some chinese restaurants in Malaysia and always wondered how it tastes… make it yourself! Not worth paying RM2-RM3 for a single slice! πŸ™‚

Ok, it took me 2-3 days to write this whole post out. Wonder how “updated” I will be when Baby B actually comes out. πŸ™‚


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