Housewife Level Up

*Sob* Tomorrow have to head back to work already…. T___T Can’t believe that time flies by so fast. Everytime we enjoy the long weekend together, me and hubby will fantasise about never having to work and worry about how we will pay for commitments. Hope fantasy can be reality some day… hope to be more enterprising and creative so that I can work from home FOREVER. Minimum effort, maximum results. That kind of thing.

Til that day, I’m tied to doing housechores. Remember me talking about trying to iron bedsheets next? Got that done. Not as well as my MIL’s style, which according to my husband, is done by mixing her own starch solution. She soaks the WHOLE BEDSHEET into the starch solution and sun it, and then irons it. For me, I am never really an artsy fellow, so I don’t trust making my own starch solution. I’ve made some back in primary school for art, and it’s way too congealed to imagine sinking my Jean Perry sheets in to. So, have to use spray-on starch, which my husband moans about “Aiyo, so much cheaper if you make your own starch”. Yeah, it’s also so much cheaper if I could actually sun my sheets instead of using a dryer, but we are living in a condo and we make do with what we have. FYI, I really miss the smell of freshly dried sheets. It’s so ironic that I have to buy something to spray my sheets to make them smell like sunshine.


Again, I say to you… if you think it’s a waste of time, TRY IT JUST ONCE. 🙂

It took me hours to iron out so many bedsheets. The reason why there were so many in the first place is because one sheet was left unfolded for the longest time ever and then it turned out it wasn’t even properly dried out and turned smelly. :X So we had to re-wash everything again. This is why I say…. I REALLY MISS DRYING MY SHEETS OUT IN THE SUN!! Also added note that I hate folding fitted sheets… so difficult to get it to stay flat. Unless you iron them of course. 😀

Tea time with hubby today was with a Vietnamese mooncake that my BIL bought for my MIL. She got a box of 4 and asked me to pick one. As I didn’t understand any Vietnamese, I was going, “Please don’t let the one I pick be fruit and nut…. Please not fruit and nut.” My FIL said that Vietnamese mooncakes are different from “our type” of mooncakes and are really nice. Was very excited to try it out because I’ve tried Laotian mooncakes before… and they are nice! But they are also very similar to the chinese ones, so was curious to try it out. One thing I have to say… they are huge! You know, you usually quarter a mooncake? My husband could divide the mooncake into 6 fairly large slices!



Dang! I managed to get the “fruit and nut” version in the end. -____-” I don’t like the chinese version, and I don’t like the Vietnamese version also. The difference in the Vietnamese mooncake is that it is sweeter, filled with pork bits, egg yolk and more fibrous fruit bits (which I think is pineapple). Left the rest to my husband and I munched on something my parents bought me from Penang instead. Ahhh…. tambun biscuits. Not worth it for myself to line up an hour to get when I’m in Penang, but so nice when people get it for me. 😉 I like the “black sugar” ones as well.. in fact, more than the tambun biscuits. 🙂


This is the nursing cream that I was talking about! Got it from Buds and it costs something like RM40? You’re supposed to use it from a few weeks before you give birth, and then multiple times a day when you actually start nursing. When I started using it… I noticed my nipples became more MOISTURISED. Wtf? I actually don’t know what I expected from this cream, but making it more moisturised in anticipation of nursing is kinda making myself more vulnerable to the babies gums, right? T___T Then again, it would be super creepy if it gave me nipple armor or something like that, muwahhahaa. My mother said these kinda things is just to cheat people’s money.. but oh well. Will see how well it works after I actually start nursing! On the up side, it smells really nice and comforting, so at least not smelly. 😀


Finally … today’s cooking is something that I’ve been making quite consistently ever since I got married. It’s my favorite soup from young — ABC Soup! It’s so easy to make, especially if you’ve got a slow cooker. You can get the basic recipe from here, but obviously I have to make my own tweaks. 😛 My husband doesn’t like tomatoes, and I am too lazy to chop up corn. Besides, my mom never used corn in ABC soup. I have used it before ONCE, and I do agree, it makes the soup really nice and sweet. 🙂 My husband calls my version “Golden Soup” because of the golden color after boiling for a few hours. I like to add in lots of stuff, like dried scallops, dried oysters, goji berries and dried dates for natural sweetness. Last week when I made the soup, my husband EMPTIED all my dried scallops into the soup because he said that I was too stingy (I used 2 scallops). When we went to Effective Herbs, I decided to stock up on dried scallops and HOLY HECK… it is is like RM700 –  RM1200 for a big packet! I know it’s expensive, but I didn’t expect it to be that expensive! Coz I always thought oysters are more expensive than scallops, and dried oysters only cost me RM20 for a mini bag.

Ended up we were too stingy to spring for the dried Hokkaido scallops so we did the “next best thing”…. *ashamed* Hubby asked my MIL to buy for us, and she wound up giving us a small baggie of dried scallops, which we are now using very stingily. Hehehe.



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