Diet Ain’t Working

Been trying to watch my weight since my last gynae appointment, but I still gained 1kg despite cutting off all the fast food. I think my problem is with sweet drinks… I hope my baby won’t be bigger than 3.5kg! I really want an easy birth, hope like, I don’t even feel anything when it’s already 5cm dilated. And hope I’m in and out of surgery in a few hours.

Worked from home today and spent most of my time testing that script I talked about in my previous post. Test ~ test ~ test and no one to help me. Sometimes feel very tired, everyone depends on me for help and I have no one to go to. I finally switched off my work laptop at 11:30pm, and was just glad that everything was resolved in the end so that I have time to write in my blog. Lol! Early in the morning got trapped in a horrible 2 hour meeting, which I was totally unprepared for. People really need to know who to invite to their meetings. -___- Really stressed… the last time I got this kinda feeling was when I was working my last two months in XYZ company. Had so many things to finish before I went and no one to help me. This is the same feeling I have when I’m about to go on maternity leave. *self pity party*

Another thing I managed to settle for Baby B today : finally paid the Medela agent for the Medela Freestyle! Freaking expensive, hope it helps me express lots and lots of milk, hehe. I also need to get a HAIRCUT (husband not looking forward to it because he says that I will end up looking like a mushroom). And I just realised today that I will need NEW underwear. Coz all my underwear got stretched out from expanding … lol. And we still haven’t gotten the diapers yet…. sigh.

When I work from home, my friends think that I will cook my own lunch. But in fact, I enjoy looking around for new places to eat around my area. Well, not when I was in the earlier stages of pregnancy…. then, I only wanted to gorge on fast food. :X Today I decided to indulge in something more… expensive. Went to O’ Coffee Club and had a slipper lobster linguine and ice blackberry coffee. The linguine was a little bit too spicy for me, and not worth the price I paid. Plus, there were 3 half-shells of “slipper lobster”, but only the shell was big. The meat inside was a pathetic amount. The ice blackberry coffee was delicious though! O’ Coffee Club is a nice place to chill out… really, love the music that they play there. 🙂



Did some light grocery shopping for that night’s dinner as well. I am not a really good housewife… I don’t do my grocery shopping once a week… coz I never plan my meals ahead of time. :X The most I do is keep a mental inventory on what types of meat I have in my fridge, but I have no idea what I’m going to cook with ’em. After a year of cooking for him, my husband starts “complaining” that I don’t “experiment” as much with my cooking any more. It’s partly the fault of the pregnancy, and partly because sometimes it’s better to just stick with what you know. Still, I hope that keeping a cooking diary on my blog will inspire me to try more new dishes.

Today’s dinner, made by yours truly…. it’s so light and simple (diet, remember?) that my tummy is rumbling now. -___-



Is my first time making steam fish for my husband…. with a very expensive slice of cod fish! I don’t usually like cooking fish coz my husband doesn’t like to eat fish, fish is expensive in this area I live in and I’ve not had very good luck with it. Usually, I like making baked dory fillets coz they are cheap and easy. This one was easy too coz the recipe is so simple and because cod fish is very delicious on it’s own any way. You can check out the recipe here. Served together with a simple stir-fry of kailan with organic mushroom sauce masquerading as oyster sauce. Have you heard? Oyster sauce is actually not really good for you, but it’s so prevalent in Chinese cooking that it’s practically unavoidable. My MIL helped me get a bottle of “mushroom” sauce which tastes just like oyster sauce, but more watery and less salty. It’s a very good alternative!

Ok, veggie pictures are really boring, but one last statement – am so done with shopping near my area already coz the veg costs twice as expensive than even Jaya Grocer. Imagine if you compare it to a place like Carrefour. It would be 4-5x more expensive! I shopped at Jaya Grocer after my Oriental Pavilion outing with my family last week and we stocked up on veggies. Huge bundle of kailan that can feed me and hubby over two days only cost a little over RM2. What more if I buy cheaper veg like choy sum. Ugh! Am done with Village Grocer!

:: Housewife rant, over and out ::


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