Date Night?

My husband insisted that I watch Transformers with him last night, which was why I missed my roll of active updates. Yesterday was a super eventful day too! Anyway, he was on training at another area, so he stopped by a DVD store that sold some high quality Blu-rays. He bought Transformers and asked me to watch it, though I was iffy about it. “It’s a working night,” I said, sounding like my mother. He said, “You always say I never ‘date’ you anymore after we got married. Well, this is a date right?” ERM…. not really, my love. But since he was so enthusiastic, not only did I spend my time cooking dinner for him (when we usually go out for dinner on Mondays), but by 9pm we had already “settled” everything in the house so that we could cosy up in the bedroom to watch Transformers.

FYI, I have watched Transformers before. In the cinema with my ex-colleagues and I can still remember the whole experience. The cinema was so packed that we couldn’t all sit together in a row, but was split up. For some reason, I had to sit next to my colleague Michael, and we were both sitting in front of some Bangalas…. who couldn’t stop kicking our seats! Michael is known as someone who is quite … vocal, so I was surprised why he didn’t scold the Bangalas…. I thought I was the only one who could feel them kicking the backs of our seat. It is seriously mofo KICKING ok?? Not just like someone accidentally tapping ur seat coz they have restless leg syndrom or whatever. Anyway, I got so pissed off I shouted at the guy halfway through… couldn’t take it anymore. Then only Michael said something like good going, he also couldn’t stand it already. Wtf! And then people wonder why am I so “fierce”…. coz guys are not doing their part!!

Anyway, so I am really sure I watched Transformers before (maybe a bit distracted, but at least now I can re-watch with my husband!), but I didn’t watch the second instalment and quite possibly fell asleep at the 3rd. When the movie started…. I DIDN’T REMEMBER ANYTHING AT ALL.

Me to husband: “Are you sure this is transformers? The first instalment?”

Husband : “YA.. can you see the movie title? Transformers it says. This is the best movie I tell you! Sometimes good to watch old movie also ya?”

Me : “I don’t remember this at alll… ” [Voice on the screen said :”For the past two years, we have been stationed on earth blablabla… ” ]

Husband : “Huh? Can you pay attention? By the way, isn’t this Blu-Ray quality awesome?”

Me : “How come the transformers already on earth and working with the army wan? This is not right la. Did you start the movie halfway through?”

Husband : “No la! Omg.. you don’t remember this? Then what you remember? Omg, you see the ice-cream truck transformer? So cute! You don’t remember ice cream truck transformer? Is actually two in one! ”

Me : “It should be Sam Witwicky goes and sell his uncle’s specs online mah…”

Husband : “That comes later la!!”

Celaka.. in the end, when Mikaela (Sp?) came on screen as Sam’s girlfriend and he told his parents, “Yeah, we only just discovered an alien race together” did it hit me this was Transformers 2 and not Transformers as what my husband was saying. Omggggg… soooo annoyed with him. I really thought that I was losing my mind. Of course I was gloatingggg when I was right that this is NOT Transformers, but yes, I felt damn stupid that I had to sit through 10 minutes of being confused. Actually, I didn’t pay much attention to the movie anyway, and my husband was kinda scolding me… but in the end he fell asleep when there was 25% more. You see what I mean about not watching movies on work nights!!?!

Anyway, Monday was still a pretty productive day at work, despite it being harder and harder to get out of bed every morning. No matter how much sleep I have the night before, I don’t feel rested in the morning. And yes, physically harder to get out of bed too. Either got aches here and there or belly feels like it is directly pinning me down. A lot of people are asking me, “Do you still drive to work?” The answer is a resounding YES… do I have a choice? Anyway, my arms are long enough to hold the steering and my belly still small enough that it doesn’t touch the steering. This is the mini margin between the belly and the steering:


So… yeah, really hoping that the belly doesn’t start bulging out exponentially. A lot of people have asked me why my husband can’t fetch me to work. My colleague W who is due 3 weeks after me is being driven to the office DAILY by her hubby, but she said it’s also because he works really close by. In the office, Mr L is a “legend” for “loving his wife so much” coz he will drive her to work (KL), and then take the LRT back to PJ where we are working. When it’s time to fetch the wife, he takes the LRT back to KL, and then drives her back to PJ (where they are staying)! So good right, this Mr L? So of course I *hinted* to my husband that he could do that for me. ^^

He flatly refused. -____- He said that I sleep like a pig in the morning and unlike me, he doesn’t have flexible working hours. So, unless we were both willing to leave the house by 6am, it is not a possibility. Bleah! Anyway, I’m really thankful that my work place is pretty near where I stay, so I don’t have to drive for really long periods of time. It’s also usually jam free in the mornings, only a pain in the ass driving back, which is why I leave work late – to avoid the jam. Once Baby B is born, I will have to opt for the EARLY shift instead… maybe 8am – 5pm? Don’t know if my line manager is up for it.

Office lunch that day was with my colleagues Viv and Stella… again, will share foodie pictures when I’ve accumulated more pictures, haha. My silly husband told me to never consider getting a C-section because his colleagues said they use a type of GUM to seal the incision. I asked Viv & Stella if it’s true, and they both said they knew someone who got a C-sect, and it’s SEWN back. Went back and stupidly asked the tech lead (she had 2 C-sects) and she said first time she heard about doctors GLUING the patient back together. When I came home, I proudly told hubby he is crazy, and he said my friends are the crazy ones, don’t know about this latest technology. Anyway, husband is giving me stress because he keeps saying C-sect should not even be considered by me… the way he says it is as if giving birth is darn easy. He keeps using my mom and my sister as examples, and said since my hips are bigger than my sis, I should be able to shit out the baby easily. -________-

Thanks to Viv, I also bought vouchers for Tai Thong mooncakes…. they were having a roadshow in my office, whereby I could buy an RM60 voucher for RM40. Can redeem at a few Tai Thong restaurants around. They had been sending email blasts to promote it, but I didn’t consider it until Viv bought the vouchers, and showed me the Tai Thong mooncake selection. Wow and WOW… I love “weird” mooncakes, and Tai Thong really has a lot of WEIRD selections for me! Hahhaa, I can’t wait til hubby brings me to Tai Thong for me to redeem my vouchers. FYI, Baby B is due exactly on the mid-autumn festival this year…Β  πŸ™‚

Well, talked a lot about my Monday, so this is what I randomly made for my husband for dinner. I didn’t plan to cook (as I had mentioned), but luckily I had some recipes up my sleeve for days like this. I suspect husband didn’t want to walk out because he was busy watching CHINESE MOVIE on HyppTV… tsk tsk. It took me about 30-40 minutes to make this meal coz I had to patiently cut a lot of things. It’s ok, coz while preparing the other ingredients, the noodles have to be soaked for 30 minutes anyway to rehydrate. I got the recipe from Noobcook. As she mentioned, this is a simple dish that really depends on other side dishes to really make it a complete meal. I really wish I had some chicken curry on standby coz I think that’s what really goes well with fried bee hoon. I didn’t have any bean sprouts, but wanted some vegetables in our diet, so I sliced and chopped some carrots to add on to the noodles. When I was preparing all this, my husband told me to use the ENTIRE packet of vermicelli… which is like 350g? The original recipe is 200g = 2-3 persons! I was scolding him for being greedy, but he kept saying, “I can eat one la…”. In the end, the fried bee hoon filled an entire pot!!


And guess what??? We still finished everything. -____- Really piggish duo we are. I didn’t even have so many nice side dishes to go with it… only fried egg and fried some leftover corned beef. This is a nice alternative to the kon lo meen I made last week though. The sauce is much lighter (of coz, you can adjust seasonings accordingly), so that’s why we just kept whacking and whacking … man, can’t believe we ate a whole pot of bee hoon



* * * * * *

Well, Tuesdays are work from home days… very grateful for that as always. Don’t know why, but felt very gung-ho, both at home and working. Been pushing more and more people to do this and do that, and people are finally moving along. Had time to load in laundry and to make some MORE lo hon ko drink. Seriously, it’s like my current obsession, and I’m making it less and less sweet so that I can taste more of the authentic lo hon ko-ness.


The only bad part about working today is that there was some technical issues occuring, and it seems like whenever there’s problems, there’s only W and I to handle it! Don’t know whether to cry or what, but we thought we had given sufficient training. Primary support doesn’t call us for problems anymore, which we take that to mean as they can confidently resolve things by themselves. BUT, then we realise sometimes they resolve it …. WRONGLY. And there’s even more shit to clear up when this is discovered at a later stage. Don’t know what to do when we are on maternity leave… I really pray I won’t get any calls. W said she can’t help even if they call her because she will be doing her confinement in her hometown. And she doesn’t have Internet at her hometown. I said, what if they expect you to diagnose over the phone? LOL. Even worse!

And shit hits the fan at such perfect timing… just when people are about to go out for lunch. With tummies rumbling, have to resolve whatever outstanding issue there is first before going out. Since today is “grocery day”, I decided to eat at the same mall where I will be doing my shopping. Oh, and I’ve been good and planning meals ahead of time so that I don’t have to keep going for groceries. Just shop once a week, enough! The bad part is … I have to lug the shopping bags by myself! Sigh, I just have to consider it as part of my workout regime. Hehehe.

Today’s lunch was at …. Nando’s. Wanted to eat the angry mango wrap, but they didn’t have that. Got the chicken breast wrap instead, with my fav Peri Chips sideline and finally tried the 3 bean salad sideline as well. My husband recommended it to me! I had to take the lemon and herb flavor because of my acid reflux, and I really don’t appreciate being called “Not Brave” by Nando’s! Usually I take the 2nd hottest level! πŸ˜›


Ok, since I’m feeling si lai / housewifey today, let me show you my groceries… don’t play play, they may amount to 3 bags, but they are really heavy. When I reached the condo lobby, even the concierge was concerned for me. He asked me why I didn’t push the mall’s shopping cart all the way back to the condo!!!! FYI, it’s really much more difficult to push the cart all the way back…. I suspect a lot of the other residents do that, which caused the wheels to become all screwy. So… just LIFT!


Have to quickly unpack and squirrel away all my purchases also… as mentioned, very thankful that it was not a super busy day today despite some hiccups here and there. πŸ™‚ These are all the stuff I bought for my one week meal plan… some things not included in the meal plan but I just bought because my husband has been asking me for it. I suspect when I’m doing confinement back in my MIL’s house, he can chop the chinese sausage by himself and make fried rice… hehehe.




Collected the mail today and was so happy that the purchase I made at Woven Labels UK got delivered! I made labels for my baby’s clothes… especially needed when she goes off to nursery. This also gives me something to do during confinement… sewing on the labels to all her clothes. Hahahha! I think it looks so sweet and nice… especially with the printed ladybirds. The only thing is… it might look too big on teeny weeny clothes la…


Ok, going to rush and finish this blog entry because my husband is making noise about me being “secretive” online. He will say that I’m typing nonsense (maybe I am), but heck, it’s nonsense that I want to remember. Last update as always, is my cooking diary. Since I’m working from home today, I managed to make “Old cucumber soup” for him. No recipe for this coz I wing it with pork ribs, dried oysters, dried scallops, a whole old cucumber and then I threw in a carrot as well for additional measure.


I also tried Kelly Siew’s easy steamed tofu recipe, which was the winner for tonight. I was actually very excited to make this dish because I love tofu, and I love a good tofu recipe. When my husband heard I was making tofu, he was not excited at all. He was like, “Oh, ok. I don’t like tofu, but you go ahead” (act pitiful). He ended up eating 70% of the thing! He said it was the perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness and …. *speechless*. Suffice to say that I’m bookmarking the recipe for remake in the future. πŸ˜›

Please forgive the “rough” way I chopped the salted egg yolk. πŸ˜›


And to add on to the greens… I stir-fried the fu kwai choy I bought in the afternoon with prawns my MIL gave me and sliced garlic. Simple and easy with a dash of soya and shaoxing wine! Husband likes fu kwai choy also because it’s a leafy veg with very long stem. He likes eating the stem part of the veggie!


Okie, getting really tired already, so time to head off to bed. Got a long day tomorrow, and I have to drop by the gynae’s office to get some antibiotics. Please be a good day tomorrow! πŸ™‚


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kellysiew
    Aug 20, 2013 @ 15:20:06

    Hello! Saw the pingback on my blog and came here! Wow! Nice blog! You made me chuckle out loud about the c section… Your hubby is funny! I do somewhat agree with him that the recovery for c section will take longer and more painful. If you don’t have any health problems (nor the baby) the best option is probably natural birth with epidural (so you don’t feel the pain). Oops… Excuse my rambling. Back to food. I can see that you really like homey comfort food and glad that the tofu recipe worked well for you! I am going to share that on my facebook if you don’t mind.

    Also, do you happen to shop at Village Grocer? Just thought the packaging looks very familiar hahaha.

    Thanks for trying out the recipe!


    • lecehleech
      Aug 21, 2013 @ 04:36:23

      Hi Kelly!! So surprised that you commented.. Hubby and I really appreciate your tofu recipe hahaha! I have to say that I really trust the recipes you post up coz so far they all came out delish (I’ve also tried the lemon tart!) and have bookmarked a lot of your creations hehehe. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      Yeah, really hoping I can do it natural coz the recovery for c sect seems to differ woman to woman. Some says bounce back by 3rd day, some says 2 weeks also not yet heal…

      Am honored u would share my random blog post.. Haha. πŸ™‚ I don’t mind πŸ™‚

      Yup I shop at village grocer coz its the most convenient for me at the moment… The selection not that good here though..


      • kellysiew
        Aug 21, 2013 @ 07:49:37

        Oh thank you! I really love the lemon tarts so glad you made it and agree with me! Next time you make it you can try substituting with 50g of almond meal, the crust will be even more delicious! πŸ˜€

        Yeah I shop at village grocer since it’s walking distance from me, n complaint about what they have tho since everything I need they have it. Except if it’s really really ‘Chinese’, hehehe.

        When are you due?

      • lecehleech
        Aug 21, 2013 @ 16:01:03

        Thanks for the tip! In fact I made the lemon tart twice, coz the first time I burnt the cream… T__T Was still motivated to redo it again coz it’s an award winning recipe. πŸ˜›

        Lack of “chinese-y” ingredients and certain “interesting” things that only B.I.G seems to stock! I like B.I.G but it’s even pricier than Village Grocer… *sob sob*…~

        Due Sept 18, but everyone keeps telling me that the baby usually comes out earlier.. as much as 2 weeks in advance! Oh dear, not prepared for it at all! Hence, cooking more for my husband before I go off on confinement. πŸ™‚

      • kellysiew
        Aug 21, 2013 @ 16:05:07

        Yeah I actually think Village Grocer has reasonable prices. (Paiseh la not award winning, just happened to be lucky that day because mine was not a sickly sweet recipe)

        Looking forward to your confinement themed posts… hehehe.

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