Moral Support

Whoo, just signed off from my work laptop at 10pm. Got some fire fighting going on, but mostly finished my part pretty quickly, and then was just online to give moral support to my colleagues who hadn’t. And there was nothing I could do to help them do faster, was just some slow processing… so talk nonsense while monitoring the servers. The more you know, the more you wish you don’t know sometimes…. hope we can just clear off everything before our maternity leave!

My sister dropped by the condo today also to pick up the Tai Thong mooncakes we bought for her, plus helping me deliver the box for my dad. Ended up chit chatting for a while… and I happened to mention that I’m pretty nervous about my next gynae appointment with Dr Y because she said she needs to check “down there” to see whether I can deliver naturally. Then only I found out from my sister that it is called a “membrane sweep” and apparently, there’s a high likelihood of women giving birth almost immediately after getting the membrane sweep done!! OMG! Why didn’t Dr Y forewarn me? I don’t want to give birth at 37 weeks + leh! I still have work stuff to do… I still haven’t packed my confinement luggage…. is almost cruel of Dr Y not to tell me this, but told my sister. My sister said I can opt out from the membrane sweep – she herself only did it when she was overdue. After the membrane sweep, she really did give birth. Don’t know is it coincidence or what (since my sister was already overdue), but husband just did a search online, and there were more testimonies of ladies saying that they gave birth a day after or so after doing membrane sweep. *nervous

Had lunch at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf today — their gourmet sandwiches are nice, but the black forest (my go-to drink since college days!) just tastes bad. Don’t know if it’s a preggy thing or something was just off today. When I wanted to go back home, it started raining. -___- I was really tempted to order dessert and a hot drink and just wait out the rain, but I was full to the max and also impatient.. so I walked home in the rain. -___- If I fall sick in the next couple of days, it shouldn’t be a mystery to me.



Cleared the fridge out today (is this the nesting instinct before delivery?) and prepared dinner for today in the midst of firefighting. 😉 Today’s dish is beef rendang, because I was curious to try the fusion beef rendang penne that Kelly Siew Cooks blogged about. I even used more beef than her original recipe (because I wanted to be sure there would be leftovers), so I reverted back to the original Rasa Malaysia Rendang Daging recipe. I didn’t add kerisik though, because I added it last time and my husband didn’t quite like the taste. I also couldn’t find any dried chillis during bulk grocery shopping, so I used fresh chillis instead. I *think* that if you replace dried chillis with fresh chillis, you’re supposed to use more? Coz dried chillis are more intense? I used the same amount because I didn’t want something too spicy (didn’t want to trigger my acid reflux). I cooked it for 50 minutes on the induction hub and transferred to the slow cooker for an additional two hours, but the gravy still didn’t dry up. *weep* So I wound up with a very sauce-y rendang, not dried at all. When I did a taste test of the sauce…. FULAMAAAAAAKKKK, super spicy max! Cannot even eat my share of the beef rendang, so I had to make more cabbage soup for myself.

I don’t have a recipe for the cabbage soup, it was more like something I’ve seen my mother making and I decided to make it from memory. It is about 75% the same… I just need to make it more flavorful. Currently I cheat the stock by boiling some anchovies and also using a bit of ikan bilis stock as well (not a lot, like a quarter of a cube) in half pot of water (sorry, don’t have the measurements, but it is enough to cover the quarter head of chopped cabbage). Drain the anchovies from the soup (keep the soup aside) and mix it with two scrambled eggs. This is for the anchovy omelette later.

Chop 1/4 head of cabbage into slices (doesn’t have to be neat.. heck, I did mine in 30 seconds, and only took that long coz I was afraid there might be a worm in the cabbage), dump it into your anchovy soup / stock and add in a few fishballs for additional taste. Boil it til the cabbage is soft…. maybe just 5 minutes. Meanwhile, you can fry your anchovy omelette. Pour the soup into a bowl and lay the anchovy omelette on top. It doesn’t matter if the omelette touches the soup or whatever, it tastes awesomeeee either way.



Though my rendang doesn’t look good, I do think the beef was oh-so-tender and flavorful. I mean, just look at it all mushed out on my plate :


I only ate two cubes of beef – like I said, was afraid it would be too spicy for me! I even forewarned my husband about it, but guess what? He ATE EVERYTHING ELSE. I was thinking that even if he didn’t manage to eat everything, it would still be ok, coz I wanna use the leftovers for the beef rendang penne. What the heck, he finished everything and kept saying I was exaggerating and that it wasn’t spicy at all. -____- Of coz he also remarked that I made it too saucy (3 hours gravy still cannot dry up leh!! I guess it’s because I don’t have a gas stove!), said that it was a wee bit too sour (he suggested that I half the amount of tamarind paste used) and said I used too much limau purut leaves. What a critic, maybe he will like to do the cooking next time.

So yes, now I have no leftovers for my meal plan, hahaha. Gotta come up with something on the fly now to use up the extra ingredients I bought!


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