Baby B at 38+ Weeks

Gynae visit today again! But nothing spectacularly out of the ordinary. Baby B is still 2.7kg (well, I haven’t been gaining any weight either), which makes my doctor VERY happy  coz she hopes this indicates an easy delivery. Doctor Y also says that Baby B looks like she’s very happy in the womb, water levels and placenta is healthy, so she don’t look like in any distress. Baby B is engaged and moving lower and lower, but not at any critical state. So, I still have one more gynae appt next week. =( But both me and Doctor Y are hoping for spontaneous labour to occur, really don’t want to be induced / membrane sweep-ed! =(

I’ve been reading The Happiest Baby On The Block and am now 50% through! So far, it’s a repetition of the Youtube video my sister made me watch when I was babysitting my nephew… It just gives you deeper insight on how the “theory” of “Cuddling Cures” came about and a history of how the author derived this secret formula. You know what, I’ve tried the “Cuddling Cures” on my nephew before and it really works! But then again, my nephew was a really peaceful baby with great state control, so he didn’t need much “Cuddling Cures” anyway. =)

I gotta remind myself to take some time to pack up my “confinement” bag. I am getting really nervous about the confinement period. What if I can’t take care of the baby well enough and she disturbs my MIL and FIL? What if I’m a great bother to my MIL and FIL? What if I sleep like a pig and cannot hear my baby crying for me? What if I make a mess of things in other people’s house? The only part of confinement where I am looking forward to is not having to work! My ex-line manager keeps telling me that I will get bored out of my brains and I will feel like going out and feel imprisoned. Au contraire, I’m a really stay-at-home kinda person and if I have books or an Internet connection, I will feel suitably entertained already. The perks of being an introvert!

Right now I’m looking at all the wonderful online sales and I’m wondering whether I should start buying clothes NOW or wait til I’ve actually lost the weight to reward myself. But if I wait that long, the sale pieces might be long gone already! If I buy it NOW, it can be MOTIVATION for me to lose weight in order to fit into my nice clothes right? But if I buy it NOW, the “satisfaction” of wearing new clothes won’t be there also, it might end up depressing me instead… *to buy or not to buy, that is the question*

Haven’t been able to do bulk grocery shopping coz haven’t been going to the shopping mall during lunch time. However, *really* running out of meat and veg in the fridge, so I popped by Cold Storage after my gynae visit. Cold Storage doesn’t have a LOT of things, so annoying! Got just enough to get by for the next couple of days. ~_~” Anyway, I didn’t update my cooking diary for yesterday, so here’s what I cooked yesterday & today! =)

Yesterday : made apple & pork ribs soup (pork ribs donated from my MIL) and used up my leftover french beans and mushrooms to make a mish-mash of vegetables. Hahaha. The apple & pork ribs soup was taken from Noobcook, and I was very excited when I saw it coz I had exactly enough apples to use up for this dish! I forgot the onion, but based on what a commenter wrote, they didn’t ever use onion before in the soup. I think onion would’ve given an interesting dimension to this soup coz I found it ok, but nothing that I really feel like making again. My husband didn’t even know he was eating apple… he thought it was old cucumber. -___-”



Today : used up the last bit of chicken breast meat I had left in the freezer to make kung pau chicken! I didn’t have a lot of ingredients (and couldn’t find them in Cold Storage either!) – no black vinegar (subbed with balsamic vinegar – anyway the recipe only calls for 1/4 of a tsp!), no dried chillis (subbed with fresh ones) and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten kung pau chicken with peanuts, so I left it out. I would’ve used cashew nuts, but didn’t feel like adding them in coz I don’t like nuts in general anyway. =p I used the recipe from Rasa Malaysia, and it was really good! A definite keeper – husband likes it very much as well! Maybe I will try to add on cashew nuts next time, just a sprinkling!

For veg, I bought a packet of siu pak choy at Cold Storage, fried it with a dash of mushroom sauce (an organic dupe for oyster sauce) and fish paste from my MIL. She gave me soooo many packs of fish paste! Just need to lightly season it with salt & pepper while frying. My husband was very pleased with today’s dishes.. said he can eat this every day, haha. =)



Also finished the last of our Tai Thong mooncakes today… a winner in my books, but not my husband’s. It’s the Jade Custard with single yolk. I found it sooooo fragrant, sweet and delicious, but all he commented on was “acceptable” and “fake yolk”. =___=” I ate 3/4 of it for breakfast today, and I only left him the 1/4 so as not to be greedy. If I knew he was going to be so picky, I would’ve eaten the whole thing. Tell you what, I actually do feel like buying one more piece of this! =p


K, need to go and pack my bags and think about my online purchases… hahaha. =)


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