Time Apart

Sometimes, a woman just needs time apart from her husband. There is no way a couple can spend 24/7 with each other and not drive one party up the wall. And I have to admit, that sometimes I have less tolerance than a normal human. It is VERY easy to drive me up the wall, especially when I’m working and people don’t understand that. And keep coming to me every 10 minutes over every single menial thing…! And I don’t understand why at work, when I’m totally not in the loop about something… people still come to me? It’s very annoying. You have like 10 other workers. I’m not getting alllll their salaries. Wtf!

I do feel terrible about losing my temper at my husband though. Sometimes I feel like I’m just the worst wife ever. Why can’t I have a more easygoing demeanor? Why can’t I just have an easygoing life, period. I always said it’s very easy to be nice when you have everything handed to you on a plate. Anyway, it’s still a poor excuse for being a bitch, I guess. Lord help me be more calm! I really am scared I become one of those abusive parents because of how little patience I have. T___T

Anyway, don’t want to mull over all the sad things, just have to do more self-improvement and remember happier times. =(

We had breakfast together before I got mad at him. We both ate at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf …. had their yummy breakfast sets with boiling hot tea. The tea is so hot that even though there are free refills, you probably can only have 2 cups unless you plan on staying the whole day. I had work, so two cups was all I had before rushing back to the call of duty. The food is nice, though my husband’s friend said that it is super fail of CBTL to make eggs benedict with a scrambled egg instead of a poached one. Actually, it’s not really SCRAMBLED…



Because I was angry with my husband, I wound up having lunch alone. πŸ™‚ Had fish & chips (or was it fish & fries?) at Tony Romas. The lunch set is pretty affordable – mains, bread & butter, free refills …. and it came up to about RM20. The portions were abysmally small though, but since I had a big breakfast, this was just nice.


After grocery shopping, work was ho-hum as usual. My colleagues are doing a rollout this weekend, and I’m not around. =) This year, I only had to be onsite twice, and nothing that I look forward to. Whatever is thrown my way is resolved, so it’s not tough work I am afraid of. Is just “standing by” for 12 hours just waiting for things to go wrong that yanks my goat. Since I was getting more and more guilty about fighting with my husband, I tried to make it up with a nice dinner for him. It took me longer than usual to make it because of the sweet & sour pork. The recipe is not tough, but it’s tedious. I doubled the amount of sauce from the original recipe on Rasa Malaysia – you can see that the original recipe just has a light coating of the sauce over the fried meat. However, I like it DRENCHING in sauce. I think the sauce is pretty spot-on – as good if not BETTER than restaurant quality, but in future I might even TRIPLE the amount of sauce and use less corn flour. I also added in a quartered onion for more flavor. It was really, really good… another bookmarked recipe for future re-making. πŸ™‚

For veggies, I made broccoli, scallop & pacific clams. A recipe that I got from Noobcook. I know it seems random and indulgent to make this out of no where, but my husband did some spring cleaning and found this can of pacific clams that are going to expire next month! So I hurriedly whipped up this dish. Very “Chinese New Year” feel, hor? I even took the time to cut the carrots into little flowers, hahaha.



I’m getting quite impatient with not knowing when my Baby B is going to come out. Today I had a family lunch (originally planned by my sister, but somehow wound up with me paying, lol) to have a gathering before I give birth as well as to celebrate my beloved maternal grandmother’s birthday (early celebration). My mom said that I myself was born 1 week late, so was my sister LY. Both of us had to be induced. Sigh… This could mean Baby B is delayed til the 25th!! Might as well stay in there til it’s my birthday, eh, child?

We ate at Restaurant Extra Super Tanker in Damansara Kim. Found out that there are a lot of items that are supposedly “advanced order”, but we got them all without advance order today! It’s pretty pricey dining here though… total cost is around RM550 for 8 people. *fainted* Ok la, you can’t put a price on family bonding time.

happyme6This is one of their “signature” dishes – wrapped roast duck skin in Chinese sandwich style. You have the bread, some sweet black sauce, the roast duck skin and the spring onions have been battered and fried. It is so yummy, everyone has to have at least two!

happyme7We had a whole duck, and the rest of the duck NOT used in the sandwich is served like this. Actually, you can tell them to fry it into noodles or whatever else. I didn’t make special request because I actually didn’t know I could! Hehe.

happyme8Another signature dish – crab meat and pine nuts omelette wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves. Again – so yummy that you can’t stop at one wrap. My grandmother really liked this.




A photo outside the restaurant to commemorate the occasion… or as my BIL says, “Could be the last photo of LC when pregnant.” BIL and my husband are the photographers, so they aren’t included. Isn’t my nephew just so cute? He’s wearing another H&M shirt that I bought for him!! ^^

Anyway, I’m feeling very happy and satisfied now. The lunch lasted me til now… totally no need to eat dinner. :S



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  1. kellysiew
    Sep 15, 2013 @ 01:35:31

    Frankly speaking, the food at coffee bean is simply unpalatable. Especially the so called breakfast dishes. Seriously how hard is it to do poached eggs properly? I went there once and was scarred for life.


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